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Check out our timeline. 
You will find all the resources needed to understand the numerous issues
with the project, as well as the City's overreach in approving it. 
December 16, 2019, the California Coastal Commission sent a response to the City of Santa Cruz's Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for this project. 

The letter identifies and delineates the Coastal Commissions initial concerns upon review of the project.  They express gratitude for being brought into the conversation at a time that allows them to participate early, to help mitigate potential issues with regard to aspects that are regulated through the Local Coastal Program.

November 10, 2020, the California Coastal Commission authors and submits a letter of concern to our Mayor and City Council.

"We would like take this opportunity to express our concerns about the proposed Front Street/Riverfront project...  The project before you now exceeds those LCP established maximum heights by over 60%, and the maximum allowed upper floor dimensions by up to 40%, well in excess of what the LCP allows..."

November 28, 2020, the Santa Cruz Sentinel published the Guest Commentary - Council should heed Coastal Commission on River Front Project, by Ron Pomerantz and Shelley Hatch

"High drama was witnessed by Zoom attendees on Nov. 10 as the City Council and staff responded to a last minute letter from the California Coastal Commission (CCC) regarding the hearing for the 418 Front Street River Front development that will loom large over the coastal resources of the San Lorenzo River.


Councilmember Mathews led the charge with a disdainful attack on the CCC..."

December 30, 2020, the California Coastal Commission sent a letter of clarification to our Mayor and City Council.

"Ultimately, we are supportive of a project at this location that can maximize enhancement of public spaces and utility along the river and that can maximize affordable housing, but continue to have concerns about the discretionary exceptions proposed, including because it is not clear to us that the proposed exceptions are in fact necessary nor supportable under the LCP in this case."

February 2, 2021, we submitted an appeal to the California Coastal Commission.  On February 25, we updated that appeal.

"Discretionary Overreach by the Decision-Making Body
With the current project approval, the City has essentially allowed California’s Density Bonus Law to supersede the Coastal Act and its requirements. Allowing the City to proceed with this decision would set a dangerous precedent for the City of Santa Cruz. Furthermore, this approval could set an unacceptable precedent for other communities as they weigh the socio-economic and environmental impacts of developments in areas under the jurisdiction of the Coastal Act."

February 26, 2020, the California Coastal Commission posted their Staff Report
The California Coastal Commission has provided hearing exhibits including:
  • Project Site Map
  • City-Approved Project Plans
  • City Final Local CDP Action Notice
  • Appeal of City CDP Decision
  • City of Santa Cruz Downtown Plan
  • Staff Correspondence to the City
  • Supplemental Visual Simulations
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