We are a grass roots citizen group working to encourage affordable housing to fulfill the needs of our community.  We believe doing so is possible without building unnecessary large quantities of market rate housing that increases Area Media Income (AMI) and damages the affordability of our housing over time.

The Housing Crisis package of senate bills aim to increase housing in California at a dramatic rate and we are concerned that many of these bills will result in less affordable housing, more gentrification, and potentially significant damage to our sustainability and equitable balance of allocation of public resources.

Our website is currently under construction.  Please check back soon for important information and resources for understanding the new state housing bills and how they may affect Santa Cruz.

Feel free to peruse our current content about how we came together to address the Riverfront Project, that has been approved with a total of 11% affordable units, out of the 20% most residents expect because of Measure O & our Inclusionary Ordinance.

The overall decrease in total percentage of affordable units is due to the application of the State Density Bonus Law, which is one of the state laws we are concerned about in its "effect" versus its stated "intent".

Does an 81 foot housing development fit the San Lorenzo River

or our vision for the future of Santa Cruz?

mass, scale and height complement the riverfront
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.26.21 PM.png
mass, height and scale overwhelm the riverfront 
Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 3.27.05 PM.png
- Already Approved by City Council
-Our grassroots organization has Appealed to the CA Coastal Commission 
-Appeal Set for 3/12/2021
You can still support our Appeal to the California Coastal Commission, by asking them not to approve this Front/Riverfront Project adjacent to the San Lorenzo River.
Letters received at this date won't make it into the Commissioners' packet, but will still be received and be part of the public record.  They will be informed about these additional letters. 
The City of Santa Cruz overreached its authority in approving this project. It conflicts with the San Lorenzo Urban River Plan and with the Downtown Plan, both of which are adopted into our Local Coastal Program (LCP). 
The mass (seven stories) and height (80+ feet) overwhelm the scale of downtown Santa Cruz as well as San Lorenzo River resources. 
This project is not consistent with the State Coastal Act and our Local Coastal Program (LCP). The project provides less affordable housing than what is required by our local ordinance. The project sets a dangerous precedent for coastal resources protection.