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March 10, 2021 - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Cruz’s Riverfront Project Appealed, Faces Coastal Commission Friday

Sentinel writer Ryan Stuart covers our March 12th appeal!  Santa Cruz citizens remain interested in City Council's decision to approve a development that greatly exceeds max allowable height in the environmentally protected riparian corridor of this site.  One main contention of the appeal is the use of Housing Crisis Laws that resulted in a decrease of the total percentage of affordable housing in for this project, thereby violating the very intent of those laws.


"...We strongly support the Coastal Commission’s mission to provide improved coastal access and protection of coastal resource and vehemently reject the ‘manipulation’ of California’s Density Bonus Law, which in effect reduces the number of achievable affordable housing units while creating greater adverse environmental impacts."

Community interest in this slated development spiked when Council approved a proposed scale that greatly exceeded the max height allowance for its environmentally protected location.

Thank you to all who wrote in to the Coastal Commission in support of our appeal.  They have received over 100 letters of concern.  We hope this helps a return to protective actions for the banks of our San Lorenzo River.

November 28, 2020 - Santa Cruz Sentinel
Guest Commentary - Council should heed Coastal Commission on River Front Project

by Ron Pomerantz and Shelley Hatch


"High drama was witnessed by Zoom attendees on Nov. 10 as the City Council and staff responded to a last minute letter from the California Coastal Commission (CCC) regarding the hearing for the 418 Front Street River Front development that will loom large over the coastal resources of the San Lorenzo River.


Councilmember Mathews led the charge with a disdainful attack on the CCC..."

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