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Watch The Hearing With the California Coastal Commission

Show your support by attending the online hearing with the California Coastal Commission. 
Our hearing is the last agenda item of the day, Agenda Item 19H.
Email the CA Coastal Commission Until 3/12
email them at
The hearing itself is scheduled for March 12th. 
Though emails received after March 5th won't be included in the packet before the Commissioners, they WILL still be part of the public record.  The Commissioners will be notified that more have been received.
***Make sure to include the Appeal number and the name of the project we are appealing in the subject line: A-3-STC-21-0013 Riverfront Mixed-Use Building 
We suggest you address one or more key issues in your letter from the following: 
  • The Front/ Riverfront project is inconsistent with and exceeds our Local Coastal Program (LCP) in terms of size, density and height. Currently the LCP allows 70 feet at this site. This project will have a significantly greater height at 81 feet (not including 5’ of HVAC equipment) At 81 feet this project is 16% larger than what is allowed in the LCP that was approved by the Coastal Commission.  
  • The Riverfront project uses the State Density Bonus Law to obtain fewer affordable housing and more market rate housing units in the development. The end result is that this project has only 20 affordable units (11%) rather than the 26 - 35 affordable it would have had if it adhered to the 15% inclusionary housing required when the project was proposed to City Planning.  
  • The increased size and height of this project conflicts with our Local Coastal Program (LCP) and the CA Coastal Act by significantly negatively impacting coastal resources. This project is located next to the San Lorenzo River – a valuable community and ecological resource as well as a valued view and recreation corridor. 
  • Protection of natural resources is a key component of the CA Coastal Act and our Local Coastal Program (LCP). The west bank of the river provides essential shelter, breeding locations and native plant food sources for hundreds of species (local and migratory). Development at this scale will significantly impact resource protection. 
  • "The proposed project is inconsistent with the LCP’s requirements on maximum height, number of floors, top floor proportional relationship, and required setbacks and we recommend that it be reduced to meet the requirements of the LCP." (Quote from local Coastal Commission staff in letter to the City Council on 11/20/20) 
  • Also quoting from the CCC letter to the City Council… "protecting downtown/River character and aesthetics, protecting the River as a resource itself ..."
Thanking you in advance for your emails/letters!! 
 Ron Pomerantz, Katherine Beiers and Jane Mio 
 Representatives of the Appeal
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